torsdag den 19. oktober 2017

Gift tags and Christmas cards

Now it's almost the 24th and therefore time to make the October Christmas cards. I have cheated I've made it.
After "Scrap in Djursland" I have not made many cards for , but I have made a few! I have also made gifttags to :// (abt. 150)
I love my hobby!

 Christmas gift tags ://

søndag den 15. oktober 2017

Random stuff

I was looking through old pictures and cards, and found some I had not posted...

My birthday pressent from Lars, was a workshop with Andrea Matzen, Stampin Up! with 6 of my scrap-friends.
We had a blast. We laughed, we learned, we ate - we just had fun!
What a great gift, thanks dear.

This is what we made.

I made these Homemade Danish "Smørrebrød"

Next day we went to Scrap On Djursland. A convention with abt. 120 scrappers. I took another class with Andrea, this is what we made:
A Advent calender "to-go"

Some cards I've made the month.

Christmas gift tags

mandag den 25. september 2017

Looking back!

Last month I turned 55 years.
As I was looking back on childhood, youth, and married life, I t
houghts about the things I did but I'm not so proud of, things I did to rebel, but most thoughts have been about the things I love and things I choosed to do.

The 3+ Things I'm most proud of in my life?

1) My Husband, who has loved me these past 32 years.
2) Our 3 children, son-in-law and grandson
3) My love and testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ.

+ All the wonderful members of the Church I belong too, I consider all of them my family

+ all the wonderful people I've got to know through my love of card-making.

I'm grateful for all the love in my life. It's something I do not take for granted - never have, and never will!

Christmas cards of the month of Sept. 

Christmas cards of the month of Sept. 

Mothers card for  

 Stamp set: Wetland from Stampi Up. I just love that stamp set.

 Christmas gift tag.

torsdag den 24. august 2017

Just a quick update

I just wanted to quick share some cards with you, that I've made for OSH ( Charlie does a great job at OSH. I am grateful for the time she uses in collecting cards and then distributing to our soldiers.
When I made these cards, I thought about appriciation. Do we know how good it is to be alive? To see a new days begining? Being able to choose what we want to do - some do not have that choise. Do we fight for freedom, and the right to be and live as we want to?   I'm thankful for our soldies, who may not be many compared to other countries. I'm grateful for the Sacrifices these families make.